Laundry Ozonator

Ozone laundry can overturns your traditional idea about laundry.
Ozone’s better performance in cold water can help reduce the consumption of hot water.
As well as the reduced use of laundry chemicals and bleach, the use of ozone can also reduce the wearing and tearing on clothes, making them softer and fluffier and thus extending their lifespan.

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Laundry Ozonator

Can be used for sterilization and disinfection of clothes

Laundry Ozonator

  • Specification: 500mg
  • Power: 6W
  • Input (DC): 12V
  • Weight: 0.5KG
  • Size: 12.5*4.4*16.3CM
  • Ozone Concentration: 0.5~1ppm
  • O3 Output: 200mg/H


When in use, the inlet pipe is connected from the IN direction, and the outlet pipe is connected from the OUT direction. The machine will work automatically when the water valve is opened.

Ozonizer Accessories


2.Power Supply

3.Water Pipe Connector

Precautions for Ozone Use:

1. Instructions: Please read the User’s Manual before using the device.
2. Ozone Leakage: To avoid ozone’s stimulation to the respiratory tract, if an ozone leakage is felt, the machine should be closed immediately. The area should be fully ventilated with all person evacuated.
3. Eye Contact: If eyes are irritated by ozone, flush with water for at least 15 minutes and lift eyelids from time to time. Medical advice is recommended in serious cases.
4. Respiratory Tract Contact: If a large amount of ozone is inhaled, the person should be transferred to a ventilated environment ASAP. If breathing has stopped, artificial respiration should be given immediately and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Other Ozonators

We have our own production factory. In addition to the existing conventional ozonizers, we also provide the customization of the products for purchasers according to their demands. The customization service may include the appearance, ozone concentration, operation methods, application environments, and others according to our customers’ requirements.

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